A sheriff auction is a public auction sale of a property. The auction is held by the sheriff, who is qualified representative appointed by the court to run and administer the auction. These auctions are often also referred to as sale in executions.

A property goes to sale in execution if the owner fails to maintain their mortgage commitments. The lender may then apply to the court for a court order to repossess the property and recover some of the money that has not been repaid on the home loan.

Typically properties at sheriff auctions are sold well below their market value, since the banks are primarily interested in covering the outstanding bond amount, and are often not interested in trying to get the very best price.

As you might imagine there are huge bargains to be found that these types of property auctions; but finding the information about which properties are set to be auctioned is not very easy.

After repeated requests from our clients to help them find these sheriff auction lists, we decided to create a single website that they can use to download the list of upcoming repo auctions in their province. And this service is now also available to you!

Sheriff auctions are happening every single day around South Africa, and only a few people - like yourself - know where to get the information about them.

In the meantime you can get a list of upcoming auctions in your province by clicking on the links below.

A list of upcoming sheriff auctions in:

Gauteng Sheriff Property Auctions    |    Western Cape Sheriff Property Auctions    |    Kwazulu Natal Sheriff Auctions

Eastern Cape - coming soon
Free State - coming soon